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Meet Changemakers who choose to be part of the solution to an existing problem, who demonstrate an example for an active citizen, who create innovative solutions for a concrete and sustainable change, who make social contributions with measurable effects, and who inspire others with their stories.
Salih Yüce

Salih Yüce works to raise awareness on cancer by establishing the “Help and Love Association for Cancer Patients”.

Social Justice
Lütfiye Kelleci Birer

Story Of The Effort To Make Obstacles Invisible

Civic Participation

Youth Makes A Difference By Receiving Grants From YouthBank

Social Justice
Sami Altunel

A New Door From İzmir Into A Different World

Civic Participation
Çınardibi Cultural Center

A Cultural Center At The Heart Of A Quarter

Civic Participation
Rasim Uyan

Big Environmental Action In A Barber Shop

Economic Development
Vakıflı Köyü Kooperatifi

Women Develop The Only Armenian Village In Turkey

Göktül Bakdık

The Children Of Imprisoned Women Saw The Light Beyond The Rain

Civic Participation
K. Demirel Youth Association

Down Cafe Became The Light Of Hope For People With Disabilities

Social Justice
Ömer Faruk Arınç

Disadvantaged Kids Are At Playhouse

Hakan Habip

Here Are The Science Heroes!

Economic Development
Tülin Akın

Farmers Open Up To The World Through Internet

Social Justice
Women Association of Muş

Early Marriage Is Not Their Destiny

One Rubber One Pencil

“One Rubber One Pencil Project” Brings the Schools and the Donors Together

Social Justice
Alev Zehir

"The Life" Is In The Hands Of The Youth Raised Under Legal Protection

Social Justice
Galata Dialogue Association

Be Ready To Forget What You Know In The Pitch Dark

Economic Development
Bedriye Hülya

B-Fit Sports Center Encourages Women to Become Entrepreneurs

Civic Participation
Disaster Relief Interpreters

Life-Saving Interpreters

Economic Development
Tire Milk Cooperative

Tire Milk Cooperative Makes a Difference in the Lives of People in Tire

Civic Participation
Gülçin Kaya

Don't Hide Under The Blanket

Play For Nature

"Play For Nature" Creates Nature Awareness Through Social Media


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