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Meet Changemakers who choose to be part of the solution to an existing problem, who demonstrate an example for an active citizen, who create innovative solutions for a concrete and sustainable change, who make social contributions with measurable effects, and who inspire others with their stories.
Social Justice
Ayşe Tükrükçü

A bowl of soup, a hope...

Social Justice
Dervish Father Coffeehouse

The whole system of Dervish Father Coffeehouse is based on voluntary participation.

Social Justice
Co-Pedal Association

Co-Pedal Association provides physical and social rehabilitation for the disabled and creates companionship among persons with and without disabilities through using tandem bikes.

Civic Participation
Doğruluk Payı

Doğruluk Payı has been analyzing the statements and claims of politicians on a daily basis and follows the rate of realization of the election promises.

Civic Participation
Yuvarla Social Startup initiative conducts projects in partnership with 15 different civil society organizations.

Civic Participation
Açık Radio

Ömer Madra, a radio programmer and writer, has launched Açık Radio (Open Radio) 20 years ago with 92 partners.

Civic Participation
Vote and Beyond

Vote and Beyond (Oy ve Ötesi) has been founded by Sercan Çelebi and his friends both to check these claims through the means of participatory democracy and to develop a sense of citizenship.

Çağan Şekercioğlu

A scientist chasing the nature...

Nurten Akkuş

Daddy tell me a story

Ayça Arslan Ergül

Come On Friends, Let's Do Science

Fatma Ayan

Turkey’s first open-air library has been opened with the efforts of Fatma Ayan, a teacher with 20 years of experience.

SosyalBen Association

SosyalBen is a social responsibility association that helps children aged 7 to 13 and living in disadvantageous areas discover and improve their own social skills.

Economic Development
Basic Needs Association

Food Banking Association was established in 2010, under the leadership of entrepreneur Serhan Suzer, for the people who are unable to meet their basic needs.

The Hope Foundation to Children with Cancer

Founded in 2000, The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV) develops many different projects for children diagnosed with cancer.

Basri Köylü

Basri Köylü is a psychiatrist at Aksaray State Hospital. For a while now, he applies drama therapy to patients diagnosed with schizophrenia.


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