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Fark Yaratanlar


Before sending a question about the Sabancı Foundation Changemakers Program, we suggest you check titles below for some questions already answered. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question not covered below.
The Sabancı family founded the Sabancı Foundation 45 years ago based on the principle of "sharing what we have obtained from this land with its people", beginning a journey to contribute to the social development in Turkey by making a difference in its peoples' lives. Thus, since 2009, we have been sharing with Turkey the stories of Changemakers, who strive to solve the problems they encounter in their living environment and provide the society with courage, in order to support those social entrepreneurs, activists, and change-actors that produce innovative solutions to social problems, to make them visible, and to inspire the society.
We do not have any age, sex, professional requirements, etc. for application. If you believe in your work's contribution to the society and think this should be more widespread, please feel free to complete the application form.
We select and announce 6 Changemakers every year during our Launch event held by the end of April. The Changemakers, who have become visible during this process, draw their short, mid and long-term roadmaps based on a needs analysis conducted together with a group of experts and start working together with the Sabancı Foundation in line with their predetermined goal. The Changemakers attend various training sessions and workshops, where they meet Changemakers selected in previous seasons and take the first step to build a sustainable structure. Additionally, they have the chance to participate in some events organized by the Sabancı Foundation and build relationships with different networks existing in the foundation.
Application system is accessible on our website in November and December to receive applications every year. You will find a reminder form if you visit the page at any time other than these months. A candidate who completes this form will be notified via e-mail once the applications are open again.
You can use the application system accessible on our website in November and December to nominate someone else. You will find a reminder form if you visit the page at any time other than these months. If you complete this form, you will be notified via e-mail once the applications are open again.
Yes. You can nominate different individuals/organizations.
Each candidate is evaluated only once even if they have been nominated by multiple people.
Yes, you can. We ask you to specify during your application any grants/awards etc. you have previously received.
We expect the application of a candidate with reference to a project/initiative/work/organization proposes a concrete and sustainable model, has creative and inspiring aspects, produces solutions to some social problems, and it is transparent and reliable.
The selection process is composed of a multi-staged evaluation system, including an assessment by the Advisory Board and face-to-face interviews.
The Advisory Board consists of 14 independent individuals, including civil society experts, academicians, and business people.
Applications for Season 11 is now closed. The application dates for Season 12 will be announced.
We never share any information you provide to us with any third party under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. And during the evaluation stage, we keep all your data confidential under the confidentiality agreement we have signed with our Advisory Board members.
You can use the contact form on the website. We will get back to your question via e-mail within one week.

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