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Murat Kefeli - Körüz Biz

Murat Kefeli, who started his radio hosting career during his high school years, went to Niğde to receive further education in the same field after working at local and regional radio stations. Continuing in the field of radio, Kefeli began experiencing hearing loss during his final year of university. Due to a "misdiagnosis," he was directed towards various treatments for many years. After some time, he was diagnosed with neuropathy, although the underlying cause of the neuropathy could not be determined. After his loss of hearing abilities, with the progression of neuropathy, which leads to damage to the sensory transmission nervous system, he became visually disabled. Subsequently, Kefeli began writing books and his 9-year long legal struggle contributed to the process of visually disabled individuals being allowed to take certain exams with the use of computers, and individuals with hearing disabilities being permitted to enter exam halls with hearing devices. After leaving radio hosting due to visual and hearing disabilities, Murat worked as a website designer and IT coordinator.

Establishing the Körüz.biz website in 2014, Murat Kefeli aims to teach people the experiences of people with visual disabilities through “reading before experiencing” and support an independent life for the people with visual disabilities. Murat started by posting caricature descriptions in his personal passion project and now continues to improve the website with his team by sharing tips for the lives of people with visual disabilities and captions for visual materials such as logos. The website features 446 content pieces under the “Tips” category, 695 descriptions, 201 shopping recommendations, 147 writing tips, and 19 “Love it!” and 61 “Don’t love it!” caricatures which aim to raise social awareness. The website content is inspired by ideas gleaned from conversations between people with visual disabilities and observations about their needs. The website amasses more than 10,000 visitors monthly. Not only it helps totally blind people, partially sighted and seeing individuals can benefit from the website.

Murat Kefeli continues to make a difference in the lives of everyone by providing daily life hacks for the people with visual disabilities and raising awareness to help people who can see correctly communicate with the people with visual disabilities.


Season 14th - Epsiode 2

Date: 7.6.2023

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