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Social Justice

Askıda Ne Var

A Platform for Enriching Students' Education Lives

According to the "Pulse of the Campus" study conducted with 1.312 state university students in 2014, monthly fixed expenses of a student such as rent, facture, and personal expenses cost a total of 655 TL. According to the research, meals and beverages constitute the biggest expense of a student's budget, and not much is left to spend for cultural activities.

Oğuzhan Canım, with a group of volunteers, launched a social entreprise in 2012, in order to support the personal development of university students during their education life.

Those who would like to support this initiative, can follow the guidelines in the website of Askıda Ne Var and provide meals/products/services to university students. Students who would like to benefit from this, can register into the website with their student certificate and get access to the products and services on the hanger.

Since its launch in 2012, Askıda Ne Var supported around 250 thousand university students until now, by providing meals, clothing, theatre/concert/cinema tickets, books, and study abroad opportunities.

In addition to that, Askıda Ne Var provided a first step to many students in entering the worlds they dream of. A student who met theatre through a theatre play ticket she got from Askıda Ne Var, now pursues amateur theatre play.

Today, Askıda Ne Var has thousands of volunteers. Actors/actresses, pop music singers, and many corporate firms believe in the change Askıda Ne Var realizes, and continue to support it.

Askıda Ne Var, led by Oğuzhan Canım, not only contributes to the advancement of solidarity and sharing, but also makes a huge difference in the lives of hundred thousands of students and of those people who support this initiative.

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