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Sustainable Living Film Festival

A festival to create awareness for a better future

Sustainable Living Film Festival was formed in 2008, by a group of friends sharing a common vision and dream on sustainability issues. Three friends undertook the organization and development stages of the festival. Tuna Özçuhadar, Pınar Öncel and Gamze Selçuk...

Within the scope of Sustainable Living Film Festival, films and documentaries were screened in various cities and neighbourhoods. Until now, upto 170 films and documentaries were screened. These screenings were realized completely free of charge and open to public. Films do not only take problems as a focus point, but also the solutions to those problems.

In the scope of the festival, activities were realised in more than 40 cities and neighbourhoods, reaching 30.000 people. Sustainable Living Film Festival not only raises awareness through the screening of films and videos, but also leads to a change in the lives of many people, opening the doors to other possibilities.

Sustinable Living Film Festival began its journey with the dream of a "better world to live in", and visited many cities and neighborhoods. In 9 years, the festival reached thousands of people, for establishing a more sharing, fair society that embraces diversity and protects its natural resources. It raised awareness for a better and more sustainable living. It made a huge difference in the life of those who follow the festival.

Season 8 - Epsiode 1

Date: 10.5.2017

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