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Social Justice

Yağmur Özgür Güven – Anti-Vivisection Association

Yağmur Özgür Güven, who has been working for animal rights since her college years, has worked to ensure that the animals in the streets and shelters live better and became one of the founders of the Animal Shelter Volunteers and the Right to Life for Animals Association. As a result of her research in the following years, she decided to work on animal experiments.

Yağmur Özgür Güven continues to work in Anti-Vivisection Association, of which she has been among the founders since 2019. The association works to stop animal abuse by replacing animal experiments with scientific alternative methods.

The association also continues to work on the right to “conscientious objection” within the framework of the 'right to ethical education' for university students in courses which animals are used for practice. In this context, the association collaborates with the International Humane Education Network (InterNICHE), of which they are one of the partners, to use and spread alternative materials in the universities. With the “L.A.T.T.E Rehoming Project”, it is aimed to rehome the animals, that are used in experiments and whose health status is suitable. The association reached 4,720 children in 44 provinces with the children book about the adventures of a character called Latte and the right to life. The association also continues its efforts to raise awareness through projects such as "Municipality Without Experiment" and “deneysiz.org”.

Yağmur Özgür Güven, who works for a better world where animals are not kept in captivity, tortured and searches for the ways of keeping them alive and safe, continues to make a difference with her works in the field of animal rights for many years.

Season 11 - Epsiode 4

Date: 8.7.2020

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