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Fark Yaratanlar


Meet Changemakers who choose to be part of the solution to an existing problem, who demonstrate an example for an active citizen, who create innovative solutions for a concrete and sustainable change, who make social contributions with measurable effects, and who inspire others with their stories.
Social Justice
Wheelchair Dance Project

A dance group of individuals with physical disabilities...

Social Justice
Hands Speak

Rap music with sign language: Hands Speak

SosyalBen Association

SosyalBen is a social responsibility association that helps children aged 7 to 13 and living in disadvantageous areas discover and improve their own social skills.

Social Justice
Sulukule Children's School of Arts

Children in Sulukule Make their Voices Heard through Music

Social Justice
Tarlabaşı Community Center

Tarlabaşı Community Center Fuels Hope amid Poverty

Social Justice
Şahhanım Kanat

Şahhanım Kanat Helps Families Face the Challenge of Urban Migration

Economic Development
Fasla Anter Alp

Fasla Anter Alp Offers a New World for Women in Kızıltepe, Mardin

Civic Participation
Ercan Tutal

Ercan Tutal Makes a Difference in the Lives of People with Disabilities


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