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Meet Changemakers who choose to be part of the solution to an existing problem, who demonstrate an example for an active citizen, who create innovative solutions for a concrete and sustainable change, who make social contributions with measurable effects, and who inspire others with their stories.
Social Justice
Yağmur Özgür Güven – Anti-Vivisection Association

Yağmur Özgür Güven continues to work in Anti-Vivisection Association, of which she has been among the founders since 2019.

Social Justice
Hasan Kızıl (Life Mendel)

Hasan Kızıl initially made the walkers he designed for animals by breaking up wheeled paraphernalia he found at home like the toy car.

Social Justice
Animal Rights Watch Committee

A more equal and peaceful world for all living creatures...

Social Justice
Tolga Öztorun

Tolga Öztorun Protects Street Animals

Economic Development
Mustafa Sarı

Mustafa Sarı became the protector of the endangered fish in the Lake Van


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