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İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu is one of the 17 Young Leaders selected by the United Nations!

İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu, one of our 11th season Changemakers and one of the founding partners of the “We Need to Talk” platform, became one of the 17 change pioneers selected by the United Nations Youth Office. It is expected that the leaders, who were chosen in every other year among the youth who deal with the most crucial problems of the world and inspire people with their efforts , will continue their work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu, who endeavors to ensure that women in disadvantaged regions could access hygienic materials, especially menstrual products, and to break down the taboo about menstruation, aims to create safe spaces where women can talk about menstruation. Therefore, continuing her endeavors with the "We Need to Talk" platform of which she is one of the founders, Eskitaşçıoğlu also continues her doctoral studies on Human Rights Law.

The full list of the UN's Young Leaders is as follows:

  • Ay Young, 29, United States
  • Hadiqa Bashir, 18, Pakistan
  • İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu, 26, Turkey
  • Jichen Liu, 23, China
  • Lester Philipp Vargas Angeles, 24, Peru
  • Loay Radwan, 21, Egypt
  • Mariama Djambony Badji, 22, Senegal
  • Martin Karadzhov, 27, Bulgaria
  • Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi, 29, Nigeria
  • Ralf Toejnes, 28, Brazil
  • Satta Sheriff, 22, Liberia
  • Siena Castellon, 18, Ireland
  • Tania Rosas, 29, Colombia
  • Tim Lo Surdo, 26, Australia
  • Udit Singhal, 18, India
  • Vanessa Nakate, 23, Uganda
  • Zahin Razeen, 22, Bangladesh

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Applications for 11th Season is closed!

Calling out “Make a Difference, Change Lifes”, Sabancı Foundation Changemakers Program continues to make the stories of people who contribute to the social development visible all across Turkey and to work to raise awareness in other people. Within the scope of the program, we reached 190 Changemakers from 42 different cities since 2009.

Switch It!

The Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence, one of our Turkey’s Changemakers from season 10, launched Switch It! campaign which aims at contributing to the media’s adoption of non-violent and rights-based approach, raising societal awareness and proliferation of consent culture.

Sabancı Foundation Changemakers Program inspires society for 10 years!

Sabanci Foundation’s Changemakers program, which creates extraordinary effects with their work in different areas of the social development while making it visible in order to inspire the community in Turkey since 2009, completed its 10th season.

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