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Hasan Kızıl (Life Mendel)

On a winter night, while trying to keep alive a cat who broke its spine after getting stuck in his guest’s car, he was very upset when the cat died in his arms and he wanted to do something for animals, especially disabled ones. At the end of some research and examination, he saw walker and prosthesis examples made for animals abroad and started working. On another day, while walking by a restaurant in Mardin, when he saw a kitten whose hind legs didn’t hold, he immediately acted and made his first walker.

Hasan Kızıl initially made the walkers he designed for animals by breaking up wheeled paraphernalia he found at home like the toy car. Then he also started making prosthesis for the animals with the emergence of supporting companies. Experts in the field also support the walkers Hasan Kızıl made.

The Life Mender touched the lives of nearly 300 animals to this day, from eagles to turtles, dogs to cats. Hasan Kızıl’s story is read in 3rd grade textbooks in schools. Kızıl also won many awards with his work.

The Life Mender Hasan Kızıl connected disabled animals to life at time when even animals without disabilities have difficulty living. He became their hope. He made a huge difference in the lives of the animals we live with on earth.

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