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Yeşilist was founded in 2010 by Ergem Şenyuva as Turkey's first green guide and sustainable life network. Although at first it was designed as a guide to list sustainable producers, it grew and thrived in line with feedbacks of its followers.

Today, Yeşilist provides trainings and gives consultancy to companies and universities. It has more than 60 writers, a guide that includes hundreds of companies, thousands of articles and tens of thousands of readers with the aim of "Green for all".

Yeşilist also becomes the voice of small-scale producers and supports them to create a network between each other.

Yeşilist set out for a more livable and green world. It became an information center making the complicated looking information about climate crisis that the world faces, accessible to everyone. It brought together thousands of producers and consumers under the same roof. Thus, it created a huge difference for a sustainable world.


Season 9 - Epsiode 3

Date: 24.11.2017

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