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Meet Changemakers who choose to be part of the solution to an existing problem, who demonstrate an example for an active citizen, who create innovative solutions for a concrete and sustainable change, who make social contributions with measurable effects, and who inspire others with their stories.
Civic Participation
Fixers Club

Fixers Club has repaired 60 streets in different cities of Turkey with more than 1,000 volunteers with the motto of "to repair, to produce and to share".

Civic Participation
Don’t Throw It Away! Get It Repaired, Let It Be A Hope for Children

Works to collect unused, broken, faulty, malfunctioning toys, repair them and get them to children in need and make the children happy...

Civic Participation
Whole Surplus

A social entrepreneurship that aims to minimize food waste

Earth Association

Sustainable, ecological, joyful living

Civic Participation
Rasim Uyan

Big Environmental Action In A Barber Shop

Economic Development
Zeliha Serin

Zeliha Serin Contributes to Local Economy Utilizing Women Capital

Nurselen Toygar

This Week's Changemaker; Nurselen Toygar Mobilizes Turkey to Raise Awareness on Environment and Persons with Disabilities

Mustafa Özarslan

Mustafa Özarslan Designs 'Super Classes' to Improve Quality in Education

Ali Mendillioğlu

Ali Mendillioğlu Advocates the Rights of Recycle Workers

Economic Development
Tara Hopkins

Tara Hopkins Empowers Women While Protecting the Environment


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