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Here you can find current news and announcements about the Sabancı Foundation Changemakers Program and Changemakers.
Applications for Season 12 has begun!

The program, which has been promoted with the motto ‘We are looking for Turkey’s Changemakers!’ in the season 12, accepts applications from the categories of environment, education, economic development, health, social justice and citizen participation. If you have chosen to be part of the solution in the face of problems or if you know persons around you who try to solve the problems, you can apply to become a Changemaker or nominate someone else.

İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu is one of the 17 Young Leaders selected by the United Nations!

İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu, one of our 11th season Changemakers and one of the founding partners of the “We Need to Talk” platform, became one of the 17 change pioneers selected by the United Nations Youth Office.

New Books, New Hopes

"Reading is Being on the Road" project, one of our 11th season Changemakers, is being conducted with the efforts of Nusrettin Bicer and Abdulkadir Korkmaz in order to deliver books to the villages in Suruç, Şanlıurfa. In order to support this project that creates new hopes for children, Sabancı Group employees donated 1,000 books to the project on UNESCO World Literacy Day.

Changemaker Talks!

Sabancı Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program continues to work to make the stories of people who contribute to social development more visible and to raise awareness with the motto "Make a Difference, Change Lives!". Reaching 190 Changemakers in 42 different cities since 2009, the program continues to share inspirational stories of Changemakers through live broadcasts even today, when we have to face with a pandemic.

The Changemakers Network Meetup!

While preparations for the 11th season continue at full speed, we come together with the past seasons within the scope of advance networking endeavors to listen to the inspiring stories of our 190 Changemakers.

Let’s Do Science

Ayça Arslan Ergül founded “Let’s Do Science Association” in 2019 with her students, in order to increase awareness and make the project more sustainable and extensible after she was selected as a Changemaker.

We have met with the students of Bahçeşehir University!

As the Turkey’s Changemakers team, we attended the “Community Service Practices” course organized by Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Education, in order to explain the importance of volunteering to students, and to raise awareness about the needs of the society.

Applications for 11th Season is closed!

Calling out “Make a Difference, Change Lifes”, Sabancı Foundation Changemakers Program continues to make the stories of people who contribute to the social development visible all across Turkey and to work to raise awareness in other people. Within the scope of the program, we reached 190 Changemakers from 42 different cities since 2009.

We participated in the Social Responsibility Summit!

The Social Responsibility Summit was held for the first time this year in Yeditepe University with the partnership of Yeditepe University and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, between 6-7 December 2019. More than twenty non-governmental organizations, large-scale companies and university students participated the event.

Changemakers Program at the 3rd Needs Map Summit!

The Needs Map Summit has been held in Ankara TED University this year by the Needs Map which is one of our Changemakers from 8th season. The summit, which brings together university communities, supporters, volunteers, public and private organizations, representatives from different cities of Turkey, was held in five separate sessions around the issue of 'Sustainable Development Goals'.

Switch It!

The Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence, one of our Turkey’s Changemakers from season 10, launched Switch It! campaign which aims at contributing to the media’s adoption of non-violent and rights-based approach, raising societal awareness and proliferation of consent culture.

Turkeys Changemakers hit the Zero Project 2020 candidate list!

Zero Project continues to work with an unimpeded world mission, shares good models that improve the daily lives and legal rights of individuals with disabilities around the world.

Sabancı Foundation Changemakers Program inspires society for 10 years!

Sabanci Foundation’s Changemakers program, which creates extraordinary effects with their work in different areas of the social development while making it visible in order to inspire the community in Turkey since 2009, completed its 10th season.


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